MA Reviews


I Can Nunchuku Volumes 1-3 - Picked these up from They are quite good. 3 complete volumes of various nunchuku moves. These tapes don't go over history or any real useful/combat viewpoints. Its all flash. But spend some time with these tapes and you'll be spinning the 'chuks like a pro. Good kata stuff. Worth buying if you want a gentle intro to glitzy nunchuku spinning.

Filipino Stick Fighting 1 - Taught by Master Lester Griffins (Surf Dog!) and distributed by I thought this was a good watch. It makes some assumptions so isn't for the absolute novice but if you have even a passing background its pretty useful. Griffins covers some basic strikes, blocks and footwork. Shows some solo drills and a handy number of 2-man drills. Briefly touches on double stick use and clinching (clinching will be covered in detail in the 2nd tape). Also some footage of more experienced stick fighters going at it.

Warrior Wellness - Scott Sonnon/RMAX. Not strictly MA but this is a great series of videos for improving general mobility. The first volume is 25 minutes of motion that, when done daily, allows you to recover mobility that may have been lost do lack of activity or injury. The Intermediate video builds on the 1st and starts to coordinate body movement. The Advanced volume refines this coordination.


Taekwondo: Traditions, Philosophy, Technique, by Mark Tedeschi - Best TKD Book EVER
TaeKwonDo: The Korean Martial Art, by Richard Chun - My first TKD Book, good reference on Palgwe Kata