Steve's Personal Life

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This page is mostly pictures of stuff in my life. If your interested in that you might also be interested in my trips pictures.

My incredibly wonderful wife
Kris and I at our wedding
Engagement Photo...
Engagement Photo...
A quick shot of our wedding party (sans parental units)
Left to Right:Joe, Greg, Pat, Steve, Reverand Jevan, Kris, Ken, Jenny, Rob, Kim, Preston, Andrea
me and Justin B. at Justin's Wedding
Our 1st house... as it was when I bought it
Our 1st house... after a bit of touching up
House #2. Not very pretty... yet. We're working on it. That's a new roof you see there.
House #2 with some improvements... (grass, aluminum wrapping on windows). Some porch work is still in order. You can't see it from the outside but the front apartment has been totally redone.

3rd house... [More Pictures