Here are some "before" shots of the rear apartment. They aren't really before shots as it didn't occur to me to do before shots until I had already started to tear down walls. Ooops. But here they are. Enjoy.

The eventual goal is a more modern kitchen, a level floor and a full bathrrom.

Looking down the hall toward the kitchen (utility room left, master bedroom to the right. The door leading to the utility room used to just open up to a hall closet. We decided that was silly and will be shooting for a larger utility room with a more logical layout for washer/dryer hookups (ones where you can actually still open the external door for one) than the current setup.

In the kitchen, looking toward the bathroom (half bath at the moment). The wall to the left of the door will remain in its current position (all though all of the slat/plaster will be replaced with more modern drywall and that paneling is history (why would anyone put paneling in the kitchen? Sheesh). The wall to the right of the bathroom door will be pulled outward about 2.5 feet to allow for expanding the bathroom. Inside the bathroom if you turn left their will be a full size shower, to the right the throne and a 36" vanity/sink.

North/West corner of the kitchen. I'm not sure what's salvageble among the cabinets. The walls on the right are history. They are only loosely affixed to the walls behind them and I'm not real fond of the material.

South/West corner of the kitchen, door to utility room. The doorway leading into the utility room is going to be removed and walled over. The kitchen isn't very big and can't afford to lose that much realestate to a doorway.

Standing in kitchen lookup back up the hallway and into the utility room. Again, the doorway to the utility room is going to disappear.

Standing in the hall, looking into the utility room and at the outside door

Stairwell headed toward the upstairs (bathroom and 2 bedrooms). There's a couple of bad steps that need to be replaced, the doorway needs to be repaired and painted and that handrail is shaky as well as ugly... it'll get replaced. You can't see it from this photo but at the top of the stairs some of the plaster has come lose from the walls. The stairwell will be carpeted in the end.