Updated: October 18, 2001

These are a couple of on-line sites that we either visit regularly or have done business with.

www.ffexpress.com Flying Fish Express

Got 90 lbs of live rock. 45 lbs hand-picked fiji (on sale) and one of their deco pacs of uncured with fiji and tonga branch. Everything arrived on-time and looks great. I wasn't impressed with the wet newspaper packjob but it didn't appear to cause any harm... time will tell. After letting it cure we put it in our tank. So far no life forms on it at all... so I either cured it wrong (very possible) or there were absolutely no hitch hiking life forms on this rock. Hrmmm....

www.inlandaquatics.com Inland Aquatics - Terre Haute, IN

* Visited their store in Terre Haute on 10/14/2001. Bought lots of blue-legged hermit crabs. Happy purchase. They run a nice shop. Employees pretty knowledgable.

www.ipsf.com Indo-Pacific Sea Farms

* Bought live sand activator kit. Good pricing. Product arrived alive.
* Bought a bunch more pods and snails. All good.

www.reefcentral.com Reef Central Online Community for the Marine Reef Acquarium Hobby

* good message boards