I haven't had time to describe these...very well.
Greg and Nate on the Sofa
Nate up close
Steve up close (and obviously not sober)
Rob in Demon mode
Nina and Brett
Drunken Darts (is their any other kind?)
Jevan and ???
A group of people being "evil"
Jevan mooning a turkey
Jevan up close
Jevan and Brook (I think its Brook)
The Turkey - that turkey got eaten, tossed, pulled out of the garbage and eaten again
Nina in the cabinet
Nina still in cabinet - close up
Is that Keith's ass?
More cabinet... it was real funny at the time
Still more cabinet... you really had to be there
Kris in the cabinet - see it was a party thing
Kris finishing off a bottle of rum in the cabinet
Catching darts... drunk. Ouch!
Getting some toungue
The evening's 1st (but definately not last) casualty
Two down...
The evening's 2nd worst casualty (Hey, the turkey is in that trash!)
Hours later...
And Pat doesn't drink...
Hrm... dunno who gets the bst end of this deal