Fun with Sparklers

So... after having seen it on the net somewhere, it had to be tried. We set off a prototype sparkler-bomb at Dave's farm. The prototype was about 500 sparklers and produce a nice flash. It wasn't as destructive to the surrounding ground so Kris made the decision that a thousand sparkler bomb could be setoff in our backyard during her birthday party. Heh.

Here's some small video of the thousand sparkler and of a ~280 sparker that Sean brought to the party. Sean was experimenting with having the bomb somewhat elevated to get a larger, more spherical flash (air bust). You can see the difference. Video's are AVI and about 3M each.

Sean's 288 - Sean seen back and to the left.

Kris' 1000

No bunnies were harmed in the filming of this video. Some grass did get scorched for which I'm sure we all feel sorrow.