1. Keeping very busy remodeling a little rental property (before, Mostly Fixed) that Kris and I bought.

    It was a bit of a fixer upper when we bought it. Its a duples. The front apartment is an efficiency (but a big one) and has been almost completely redone. Its looking good. It'll be available for rent by June. The rear apartment is 3 bedrooms (1.5 baths). It need some serious work. I have floors and walls all ripped up in there. Very messy. When finished I expect good, solid looking rooms, a modern kitchen and 2 full baths. It'll be a while on that one still.

    Starting 6/5 I should be able to work full time on the rear apartment. I'll have before (well mostly before, I've already started gutting) photos soon.

    "Mostly Before" Photos

    6/10 - Any walls/doorways that needed to be removed have been. Next step is debris removal and to remove the floor down to the joists in the kitchen.

    9/20 - The rest of the floors and walls removed from kitchen. Debri removal still needed...

    12/07 - Debris all removed (including old wiring and plumbing). A new header is placed where the kitchen/bathroom wall used to be. Since I ran out of time (shocking, yes) all recent work has been done by Small Job Services.

  2. I'm also working on putting my GPSClock in a better position

    GPS Clock Satellite View (not placed very well yet - but the time is still very accurate)

  3. Reef Tank ... Kris and I decided to learn a bit about what it takes to maintain a mini-reef at home in our acquarium.