Updated 11/28/01

The Tank 120G Perfecto Tank
Perfecto Stand
DIY Canopy
Lighting Dual PFO MH Ballast (250W)
(2) 250W MH Lamps - Iwasaki 6500
VHO Ballast
1 48" 110W 10K VHO Lamp
1 48" 110W Coralife Actinic Lamp
Plumbing Sump: rubbermaid 100G feeder
Lifereef dual overflow (http://www.lifereef.com/lg_pref.jpg)
Iwaki 70RLT return pump
DIY counter current skimmer
Overflow Silencer standpipes
(2) 3/4" SeaSwirl return heads

(2) Aquaclear 402 Powerheads

Display Tank: 300W heater
Sump: 300W Won Titanium heater
Livestock (1) Cinnamon Clown
(7) Blue-Green Chromis
(1) 6-Line Wrasse
(1) Black Serpent Starfish
(1) Golden Wrasse
Lotsa snails
(2) Queen Conche
A handful of blue-legged hermit crabs
(1) Torch Coral (4 mouths) (1) frag of Yellow Star polyps